Acclaimed Rogue release on Android in June 2020

Acclaimed rogue Released on June :

With 10% off the first week. Developer Motion Twin’s acclaimed rogue-like action-platform romp, Dead Cells, will, at long last, be heading to Android devices on 3rd June.

Dead Cells, for the benefit of those still yet to indulge in Motion Twin’s wonderful creation, follows the richly atmospheric hack-and-slash-style adventures of a reanimated, flame-headed corpse as it maims and bounds its way across a perilous, procedurally generated castle which reconfigures itself on each new play-through.

It’s a fantastic experience, infusing its meticulously constructed side-scrolling action – split across numerous branching, gorgeously designed locales – with gloriously crunchy, fleet-footed combat. It puts up a real fight too, featuring a rapidly escalating challenge against fearsome foes and even more terrifying bosses

Mess up against those monstrosities and you’re returned to the start for another attempt, albeit armed with new knowledge and, often, handy new tools for the job too. Weapons and abilities unlocked along the way are permanently added to your loot pool, hopefully enabling you to get that little bit further next time around. And should you succeed, you can do it all again but harder, with new rewards and secrets awaiting truly dedicated players.

Dead Cells’ Android edition will, like the iOS version released last year, sport a revamped interface, fully customisable buttons for touch control play, and external controller support. Two game modes – original and auto-hit – are also included.

Dead Cells is available for pre-registration on Google Play now, should you wish for a reminder of its arrival on 3rd June, and it’ll cost £9.99/$9.99 USD, with 10% off for a week at launch.

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