Battlefield 5 and Wreckfest headline May's PlayStation Plus games

Would you like some video games? Do you subscribe to PlayStation Plus? Well then (assuming you answered yes, obviously) here’s some good news; three more titles are heading to Sony’s subscription service in May: Battlefield 5, Wreckfest, and Stranded Deep.

Up first is Wreckfest, which Sony stresses will only be available for PlayStation Plus subscribers on PS5. If that’s you, though, you’re in for a treat, with Eurogamer’s Martin Robinson calling it a “true successor to the brilliant Destruction Derby” when he slapped it with a Recommended badge in 2019. “Wreckfest offers primal pleasures, and offers them up with little by way of pretension,” he wrote. “It also offers them with a little bit of that Bugbear class that made those older Flatout games so treasured, and what a thrill is to have that back after far too long.”

Battlefield 5, meanwhile, is the latest entry in DICE’s long-running FPS series, this time whisking players back to World War 2 for some solo, co-operative, and multiplayer shooting action. It was a bit of a mess at launch back in 2018 (despite having the foundations to be “something truly special”), but with two and a half years of post-launch support behind it now, things have definitely improved. As early as 2019, Eurogamer noted DICE’s ongoing efforts meant “Battlefield 5 is, more often than not, really really good.”

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