Frogwares shows off first (and brief) Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One gameplay footage

Ahead of full reveal next month.

Frogwares has shared the very first gameplay footage of Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One, the latest instalment in its well-regarded deduction-focussed adventure series, offering the briefest glimpse of the escapades awaiting fans when it comes to PC and consoles later this year.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One, as its name implies, serves as a prequel to Frogwares’ earlier Sherlock Holmes games (the most recent instalment being 2016’s The Devil’s Daughter), taking players back to Sherlock’s days as a fresh-faced, 21-year-old and the investigation – into the death of his mother – that would lead to a life of sleuthing.

Things are a little bit different on the location front too, shifting Frogwares’ third-person, open-world investigatory formula from the fog-shrouded London streets and rural corners of previous games to a sunny, Mediterranean-inspired island – albeit one rife with class divides and corruption – as Sherlock sets a-sleuthing with help from best friend Jonathan.

Sherlock Holmes Chapter One – Official Gameplay Teaser.

Frogwares recently detailed some of the gameplay elements fans can look forward to come Chapter One’s arrival – including over 30 side quests and multiple endings – but there’s been no gameplay footage until now. Glance upward and you’ll find a first – and extremely brisk – gameplay tease, whistling through some on-foot exploration, a feisty punch-up, and a bit of a deductive perusal.

Beyond the fact it retains its recent predecessors’ good looks, there’s not a more to add – although Frogwares says it’ll be serving up a full-length gameplay reveal trailer in March. As for Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One itself, it’s getting a simultaneous release on Steam, Epic, GOG, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S “sometime in 2021”.

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