Fall Guys wants to know what rounds you like and dislike

Fall Guys developer Mediatonic wants your views on what you think are the best – and not-so-best – Fall Guy rounds.

In a plea shared on the game’s social media channels, the team asked players: “Please may you fill in another survey? This one is all about rounds! Which you like. Which you dislike.”

That’s not all they want to know, though. The Mediatonic team also asked fans to weigh in on “how many new [rounds] you expect to see each season [as it would] REALLY help shape Fall Guys moving forward” to get feedback from the community.

To get involved and share your views, visit the Fall Guys Rounds Survey to complete it.

The team also recently launched Slime Survivors which boasts an increased chance to see Medieval rounds and a decreased chance to get nicknames and nameplates in the regular store. The announcement included a promise that “it’s not back-to-back Slime Climb” but more a mixture of our Survival rounds with Hex-A-Gone and Jump Showdown as finals.

The bean-based battle royale became the most-downloaded PlayStation Plus game ever when it launched back in August, and earned 7m sales on Steam.

Fall Guys’ second season is now live and boasts a new medieval theme, new rounds “inspired by the middle ages”, and obstacles such as drawbridges, giant swinging axes and siege ramps. Costumes include knights, Vikings, dragons, witches, and wizards.

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