FIFA 21 the first in franchise history to sell more digital than physical at launch

FIFA 21 saw a sharp fall in physical launch sales in the UK compared to FIFA 20, but digital download sales have shot up.

FIFA 21 UK physical launch sales were down more than 42 per cent over FIFA 20’s.But, according to Eurogamer sister site, download launch sales jumped over 31 per cent over last year.The impressive digital performance doesn’t quite make up for the massive decline in physical sales, but EA will have noted this is the first time a console FIFA game has sold more digitally than it has physically. In fact, FIFA 21 UK digital download launch sales were the biggest in franchise history.

It’s a landmark moment for download sales in the UK. FIFA sales have, traditionally, been dominated by physical units shifted in shops and online retailers to a mass market audience.

As GI notes, the overall performance of the game could be considered strong when you factor in the next-gen bump FIFA 21 will enjoy when the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S come out in November.

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