Final Fantasy 16 is a PlayStation 5 console exclusive

Final Fantasy 16 is a PlayStation 5 console exclusive.Square Enix’s next numbered role-playing game in its legendary series will also appear on PC, where the footage in tonight’s PlayStation 5 livestream came from.

The debut trailer, below, showed a return to a fantasy setting for the series, after its flying cars and suits of Final Fantasy 15.

It’s being worked on by Final Fantasy 14 head honcho Naoki Yoshida, who is serving as producer, and director Hiroshi Takai. To be clear though, this is a single-player RPG.

But clearly the big news here is Sony pulling out its pocket book to moneyhat Final Fantasy 16, apparently for good. There was no suggestion this is a limited-time deal. The message was clear – don’t expect to play this on Xbox Series X.

Here’s our first look:

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