Furi dev’s romantic space adventure Haven heading to Switch and PS4 next week

As well as the Epic Games Store.

Haven, the romantic, optionally co-operative space adventure from Furi developer The Game Bakers, will – following its launch on Steam, PlayStation 5, and Xbox late last year – be making its way to Switch and PS4 next Thursday, 4th February.

Described as a game about “everyday love, rebelling against the rules and also, food”, Haven charts the adventures of Yu and Kay – “two lovers trying to stay together against all odds” – as they attempt to survive on an unknown planet. What follows is an accessible, story-driven experience combining lovely floaty exploration with light combat.

“Glide together through a mysterious landscape,” explains The Game Bakers, “craft, cook, and gather resources to make a cozy home, repair your ship, fight in real-time, and make the ultimate choice about if it’s worth sacrificing everything for love.”

Haven – Launch Trailer.

Although Haven is predominantly intended as a solo experience, with part of the challenge stemming from the need to control Yu and Kay at the same time, co-op is both supported and encouraged, with The Game Bakers previously suggesting players might like to share the adventure “with a special someone” – so perhaps one worth saving for Valentine’s Day!

In addition to Haven’s launch on Switch and PlayStation 4, 4th February will also see the game stretching its PC legs and plopping itself down in the Epic Games Store.

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