God of War getting 60fps/4K “enhanced performance” graphics mode on PS5

Arriving tomorrow in free update.

God of War (the 2018 one, that is) will be getting a welcome visual boost on PS5 tomorrow, 2nd February, courtesy of Sony Santa Monica’s new Enhanced Performance Experience update.

As explained in a new developer blog, tomorrow’s God of War update will introduce a brand-new default graphics mode option designed to “get the most out of the increased performance capabilities of the PlayStation 5”.

Up until now, PlayStation 5 owners playing God of War have been able to take advantage of the two graphics modes introduced in the PlayStation Pro version of the game – one favouring performance, which unlocks the frame rate but restricts resolution to 1080p, and the other offering a checkerboard 4K resolution locked to 30fps.

Digital Foundry – God of War on PS4/ PS4 Pro.

PS5 already enjoyed a bit of a frame rate boost compared to PS4 Pro while in Favour Performance mode, but Sony Santa Monica’s incoming God of War update will introduce a new default setting – the aforementioned Enhanced Performance Experience mode – that offers the best of both worlds, syncing 60fps at a 4K Checkerboard Resolution of 2160p.

Those suspicious of change will also have the option to select Original Performance Experience, which is the equivalent of PlayStation 4’s Favour Resolution mode, delivering 4K Checkerboard Resolution synced to 30fps.

God of War’s free PS5 update will be available to anyone that owns a physical or digital version of the PS4 release, and to players who obtained the game via Sony’s PlayStation Plus Collection.

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