Guilty Gear Strive release date confirmed

Pre-orderers get to play three days early.

Arc System Works has confirmed Guilty Gear Strive’s “new daredevil” – Giovanna – and a release date: 9th April, 2021, although pre-orderers will be able to get stuck in from 6th April.


The teaser also confirmed that the game will offer 15 characters in the initial roster, two of which have yet to be announced. To see new girl Giovanna in action, check out the new trailer below:

More news is expected to drop with the next trailer, which looks to be set to be unveiled on New Year’s Day 2021.

Arc System Works recently showed off two new characters for upcoming hybrid 2D/3D cell-shaded fighting game Guilty Gear Strive: Leo Whitefang and Nagoriyuki.

Returning character Leo Whitefang, who made his series debut in the console version of Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-, wields two greatswords to devastating effect while Nagoriyuki is a brand new character to the series, a techno samurai vampire who wields a huge sword and wears a cool sci-fi helmet.

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