Indiana Jones fans spot clues to new game’s location and setting

Bethesda’s new Indiana Jones teaser trailer has been scoured for clues as to where and when the game will be set – with some promising results.

Yesterday’s official press release offered little information on the game itself, other than confirmation it would tell an original story featuring Indiana Jones at “the height of [his] career”.

Now, fans reckon they can pinpoint where Jones will begin his journey, and in what year.

Towards the end of the teaser we see a plane ticket to Rome lying on Jones’ desk, dated October 21st 1937. This would place the game chronologically just a year after Raiders of the Lost Ark, and a year before the events of Last Crusade.

(Fun fact: Temple of Doom is a prequel to Raiders. No other Indiana Jones films exist.)

Watch yesterday’s Indiana Jones teaser in HD.

Specifically, Jones looks headed to Vatican City, shown in the large map on display underneath the plane ticket – you can make out the Sistine Chapel and other landmarks pretty easily.

Video game freelance writer Jordan Oloman was able to transcribe some of the letter in Jones’ typewriter, which is addressed to a priest:

“Father [name obscured],

“…thank you for taking your time to help me … with this written request … I will be arriving in Rome … I have been informed that your contact will be waiting.”

Sistine shock.

GamesRadar’s Leon Hurley noted that 1936/37 would be when Italian dictator Mussolini was growing close to Hitler – tying the game into the series’ typical Nazi-fighting setting.

Could this be the artefact Jones is sent to secure, just as with the Ark and Grail? It’d fit the Indiana Jones mould.

While the sword is not a biblical item, it was an important ceremonial weapon Mussolini used to proclaim himself Protector of Islam, a title he hoped would solidify his own fascist Italy with Islamic countries against common enemies. Disrupting that would presumably be of interest to the US, whose government “Top Secret” folders can also be seen in the trailer.

Finally, a word on Todd Howard’s shelf. Last night, many Bethesda fans realised Howard had various Indiana Jones objects on display behind him when he took part in a Xbox interview discussing the company’s upcoming acquisition by Microsoft back in September 2020.

Idol believe it!

But, rather than a cool tease, Bethesda marketing boss Pete Hines has said Todd was simply “a lifelong fan” – hence the prominent placement of the golden idol, Ark, and other objects only months before yesterday’s announcement.

Just to be clear, this is not anyone “doing” anything. Todd is a lifelong fan of Indiana Jones. He owns a lot of cool Indiana Jones stuff. He’s not displaying it for anyone’s benefit or because of this announce. He’s just a huge fan of Indiana Jones.

— Pete Hines (@DCDeacon) January 12, 2021

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