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Need For Speed Heat For Pc Torrent Download

Need For Speed Heat Game Description :

Need for Speed Heat for PC is the latest in a long line of fast-paced and exciting racing games: the sixteenth to be precise. The game is set in an open world called Palm City, which is heavily inspired by Florida, complete with wide Miami-like tree-lined avenues and a sea-side, beach vibe that gives the game a hint of holiday vibes. The Game is revealed for  Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is the twenty-fourth installment in the Need for Speed series and commemorates the series’ 25th anniversary. It was released on November 8, 2019. The game received mixed reviews from critics.

  • Need For Speed Heat For Pc Torrent Download 1  Developers: Ghost Games
  • Need For Speed Heat For Pc Torrent Download 2  Publisher: Electronic Arts
  • Need For Speed Heat For Pc Torrent Download 3  Game Title: Need For Speed Heat
  • Need For Speed Heat For Pc Torrent Download 4  Genres: Racing
  • Need For Speed Heat For Pc Torrent Download 5  Release Date: November 8, 2019

Need For Speed Heat Gameplay :

The player must cruise about the city, exploring the open world and seeing what there is to see – at least by day. There are legal street races during the day, and if you win you will make money at these games. Your two day time activities are exploring and racing, and both of these are completely legal, so feel free to poke around and see if you can find any hidden secrets.

Once you have had enough of the more vanilla side of life, you can trigger sundown and voila day turns to night, opening up a whole different world of opportunity and risk.

At night the races are no longer legal, and the stakes are considerably higher. You are no longer racing for cash, you are racing for ‘rep’ which is reputation, or basically, street cred. The more rep you have the higher your heat goes, and the higher your heat goes (all the way from one to five) the more ‘wanted’ you are, by the police.

However, the higher your rep goes, disregarding the police attention for a moment, the more goodies, boosters and even higher quality vehicles you are able to unlock, making a little bit of uncomfortable attention from the police a seemingly minor detail.

Need For Speed Heat Trailer :


What About My Rides?

The vehicles look and perform like magic, and you can enhance both of these features by popping to a garage and spending both rep and cash in order to upgrade the external appearance of the car and the internal engine, upgrading speed and performance to the max.

And they will be worth spending money on Mercedes, Ferrari, Porsche and McLaren are just a few of the impressive one hundred and twenty-seven (127!) vehicles that are fully customizable and playable in the game.

There is an app attached to the game which allows you to work on customizing your vehicles while out and about, sending the finished car to the game, so it is ready and waiting when you are back home and itching to get racing in your newly refurbed speed machine.

Watch Out for the Police :

  • They will get you in the daytime if you speed or otherwise break the law. They cannot stop you from racing during the day and earning cash, but any other infractions will attract their attention before you can say ‘Can I help you, Officer?’
  • They might ‘accidentally’ ram you if you start winning too many races and cashing in a bit too readily. Not for any real reason, just to keep you on your toes!
  • At night, they are out to get you, and as all your races are illegal after dark, they have the right to detain and arrest you – which kind of ruins your reputation as a sick racer
  • Should they catch up to you when you are holding a lot of rep and cash, they will remove it from you, leaving you broke and discredited. Get around this by popping to a safe house every so often, to stash your loot, whether it is ill-gotten or honestly obtained!

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Gameplay Images

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Need For Speed Heat System Requirements

Minimum Requirements*

OSWin 10
CPUCore i5-3570 or equivalent/FX-6350 or equivalent
GPURadeon 7970/Radeon R9 280x or equivalent/GeForce GTX 760 or equivalent

Recommended Requirements*

OSWin 10 64
CPURyzen 3 1300X or equivalent/ Core i7-4790 or equivalent
GPURadeon RX 480 or equivalent/GeForce GTX 1060 or equivalent

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