PlayStation 5 scalpers scoop up Argos stock before it’s put on sale

“A PS5 for every room in the house, even the bog.”Another day of new PlayStation 5 stock, another day of scalpers. This time, UK retailer Argos is in the spotlight for having stock scooped up before it was officially placed on sale.

IGN reports that today’s planned stock refresh was impacted by the fact many consoles were pounced on yesterday by an organised scalping group.

This group, which we won’t name here, claims to have been able to find and access checkout URLs on Argos’ website before they were publicly available.

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Unconfirmed reports from anonymous Argos staff members posted on social media last night suggested managers at the chain were made aware of the early sales, and that those orders were being cancelled.

But, this morning, members of the paid-for scalping ring posted photos of themselves walking down to Argos to pick up their click and collect orders. We’ve contacted Argos for comment.

Other chains have also been hit by scalpers once again, too.

Another subscriber to the same scalping ring boasted on social media he had used the service last night to pick up seven consoles from four different outlets.

“A PS5 for every room in the house, even the bog,” he wrote.


The group itself, meanwhile, celebrated being named in media coverage of its actions – something it hoped would attract more paying customers to its services.

Last week, fellow UK retailer GAME played down another scalping group’s report it has secured 2000 PS5 consoles in just one day, saying that these orders were only pre-sales it still needed to verify.

And while these scalping groups do have some success – as today’s photos show – it’s also worth remembering why they like to have such big mouths on social media: because they’re constantly trying to attract new customers of their own. These scalping groups are run as businesses for their owners, with access to members gated behind high monthly subscription fees.

Last month, a group of Scottish MPs suggested UK legislation was needed to stop the rise in scalping for items such as games consoles, especially as the practice is already outlawed for event tickets.

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