Point-and-click platform comedy Lair of the Clockwork God comes to PS4 next week

Size Five Games’ point-and-click platform comedy Lair of the Clockwork God is, after a successful launch on PC, Xbox One, and Switch earlier this year, finally making its way to PlayStation 4 next Friday, 6th November.

Lair of the Clockwork God is the third entry in Size Five Games’ acclaimed Ben and Dan Adventures series (although knowledge of previous games isn’t required), this time sending the hapless duo on a comedic escapade that pits them against all the apocalypses.Unlike previous series titles, which followed a rather more traditional point-and-click template, Lair of the Clockwork God opts for some genre-hopping pizzazz. Although Ben and Dan explore the world together, Ben adopts a staunchly point-and-click mentality, pilfering items and chatting to NPCs, while Dan’s approach is more side-scrolling platform adventure, requiring Ben to pilfer items to unlock abilities can open new areas for exploration.

Despite a few rough edges arising from its ambitious genre mash-up, Eurogamer’s Robert Purchese was rather taken with Lair of the Clockwork God when he reviewed it in September, calling it a “delight which leaves me with a warm fuzzy feeling” and a “fulfilling platform-adventure and loving satire” worthy of a Recommended badge.

PlayStation 4 owners in the mood for a spot of sharply observed genre-busting comedy adventure can finally enter the Lair of the Clockwork God next Friday, 6th November.

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