Pokemon Is A Category On Jeopardy Tonight

Pokemon Is A Category On Jeopardy Tonight 1

The December 9 episode of the long-running TV game show Jeopardy will feature a Pokemon-specific category, while every category is a Pokemon pun. In short, Pokemon is taking over Jeopardy, and that’s pretty great.

The show’s Twitter account posted an image of the board for the December 9 show, and the category names are delightful. They include “Peek A Choo-Choo,” “Geo, Dude,” “Odd-ish,” “Slowpoke,” “Nine Tales,” and then finally just “Pokemon.” Have a look:

This is not the first time Pokemon has featured on Jeopardy. In 2017, “Video Games” was a Final Jeopardy category. Host Alex Trebek asked, “The desire in his childhood to catch every insect inspired Satoshi Tajiri to create this 1996 game.”

The correct answer was “Pokemon,” but not every contestant got it right. It’ll be interesting to see how it all goes down tonight with Pokemon being a category of its own. We can only imagine how obscure the questions might become for higher point values.

We’ll update this post later today when Jeopardy airs.

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