Someone beat Hades using a pomegranate

Hades is already difficult to beat with a regular controller or keyboard yet it seems someone decided that wasn’t challenging enough, as the game has now been completed with a pomegranate. Yes, you heard that right.

Aoife’s Game of the Year 2020 – Hades Switch Gameplay

In Hades, Poms of Power are used to level up your boons – hence the reason for choosing the fruit – and yesterday streamer Dylan “Rudeism” Beck uploaded a video showing himself beating the game’s final boss using a pomegranate controller. He created it by “chopping [the] pomegranate up and sticking a bunch of wires in it,” using 10 pieces of pomegranate flesh and hooking them up to specific inputs using a MakeyMakey circuit board. The setup allowed Rudeism to tap the pieces to move or attack, but left him without a way to aim. “You don’t need to aim, that’s fine,” he said.

Things didn’t always go smoothly: the wires would sometimes come loose from the pomegranate, while the pomegranate juice and seeds created a mess, but Rudeism still managed to beat Hades using the pom. Here’s the video of that below – watch out for spoilers if you haven’t yet completed the game.

This isn’t Rudeism’s first wacky controller stunt – he’s also achieved level 100 in World of Warcraft using dance pads, and played PUBG with a frying pan controller – but this might be the messiest of his experiments so far. I hope his white keyboard managed to stay out of the splash zone.

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