Sony has revealed the PlayStation 5 logo

And the memes have started.

Last night, Sony unveiled its PlayStation 5 logo for the first time during a press conference at CES.As a reminder, here is the PlayStation 4 logo:

Now, and I do hope you’re sitting down, here is the PlayStation 5 version:


I’m not sure what people were expecting. PSV, perhaps? But then we never had PSIII or PSIV. And, surely, PSV is in use by the PlayStation Vita (remember that?)

Perhaps Sony should have gone down the Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII route and called it the PlayStation IIIII?

Regardless, the familiarity of the logo has tickled some observers online:


Sony is of course yet to show the PlayStation 5 console and controller officially – although various photos of its futuristic-looking developer kit have already spilled online.

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