Blizzard warns streamers: switch off music in Rock N’ Roll Racing

Rock N’ Roll Racing, Blizzard’s retro game where you race trucks while listening to rock music, should be streamed with the music turned off.

That’s according to Blizzard itself, which issued the warning to streamers over the weekend, just hours after the game was re-released as part of its new Arcade Collection.

This new edition of Rock N Roll Racing features the original chiptune versions of artists such as Deep Purple and Black Sabbath, as well as the option to switch these for the actual licensed tracks.

You can see how the licensed music might cause issues on Twitch, which has become increasingly paranoid over potential DMCA takedowns of its hosted videos. But Blizzard has warned you’re not safe even if you only choose to listen to the music’s chiptune versions, which may also cause problems.

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“PSA: If you stream Rock N Roll Racing from the Blizzard Arcade Collection, the game has a soundtrack of licensed music which is not cleared for streaming,” Blizzard community manager Adam Fletcher wrote. “If you choose to stream, please do so with the music turned off.”

Blizzard itself was struck with a bizarre audio issue for anyone watching the company’s big BlizzConline opening ceremony via Twitch. The streaming service replaced Metallica’s musical guest spot with generic plinky plonky piano music to avoid DMCA takedown, and the result was hilarious.

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