These PS4 controllers are down to £40 at Amazon

DualShock 4 in Rose Gold, Steel Grey, Midnight Blue and Green Camo all reduced.

A number of PS4 controllers are now available for £40 or less over at Amazon UK.

Four colours have been reduced, with the Instagram-ready Amazon-exclusive Rose Gold edition seeing the biggest drop from its usual £50 price tag. If you want something a bit less garish, the Steel Grey and Midnight Blue versions are also a fiver off and down to £40. No sign of the basic Black or White colours, though!

Just quickly, if you’re thinking about picking up one of these to use on the PS5, it’s important to know that they will only work when playing backwards compatible PS4 games. For any PS5 games, you’ll have to use the new DualSense controller. Of course, you can also use a DS4 on PC as well with a bit of third-party software.

Amazon Prime Day is usually when we’d expect to see these sorts of discounts across PS4 controllers. These prices are set to stick around through next week’s sales event, so maybe this is just a taster of what PS4 Prime Day deals are to come.

Knowing that Sony and Nintendo will definitely be involved, we’ll be keeping an eye out for all the best Prime Day gaming deals across the 13th and 14th of October. You’ll also be able to check out Jelly Deals for even more offers or ensure you hear about all the lightning deals first by following us on Twitter.

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