Call of Duty Warzone is teasing the arrival of Zombies for season two

Call of Duty: Warzone has begun teasing the arrival of Zombies with a new object found in the game and occasional cryptic screen distortion.

After last night’s playlist update for the battle royale behemoth, players discovered the Cold War Zombies trial machine popped up in the hospital in Warzone’s rumble playlist.

This challenge machine has a popup for an interaction labelled “ZAI/ACTIVATE_ZOMBIES”, but it currently does nothing. In Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies mode, the trial machine lets you exchange points to trigger challenges for rewards.

The video below from YouTuber TheCityofZ reveals the challenge machine:

Current speculation from the Call of Duty community is that a Zombies mode called Outbreak is set to hit Warzone with the launch of season two later this month.

Elsewhere, players have reported an odd graphical scrambling effect on occasion while playing Warzone, sometimes accompanied by speech, sometimes accompanied by Morse code.

Here’s how it looks, courtesy of Modern Warzone:

A similar effect was added to Warzone to tease the reveal of Black Ops Cold War back in August 2020. Current speculation suggests this new effect is also tied into the launch of a Zombies-flavoured season two.

As we reported last week, for the first time, Call of Duty’s four main storylines are all connected. It means the worlds of Warzone, Modern Warfare, Black Ops and Zombies appear canon within a single universe.

The latest Zombies mode ending cutscene suggests Black Ops Cold War’s next Zombies map is set in the Ural mountains. Black Ops Cold War has a Fireteam map called Ruka that’s set in the Ural Mountains, and it has a campaign level set in Mount Yamantau, a Russian nuclear facility located within the Ural Mountains.

It’ll be interesting to see how Warzone developer Raven weaves all this Zombies lore into the battle royale. The latest cutscene for Warzone and Black Ops Cold War saw Stitch and Adler face off inside Cold War map The Pines. It ends with Adler kidnapped and Stitch declaring: “see you in hell.” A hell from which Zombies spew forth, perhaps?

The cutscene is below:

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