Call of Duty Warzone player finds unreleased Modern Warfare pistol in-game

A Call of Duty: Warzone player was this week surprised to find and play with an unreleased Modern Warfare pistol.

Redditor RestlessGoats uploaded a clip, below, showing the Sykov pistol in Warzone.

RestlessGoats said they obtained the unreleased Sykov blueprint using the weapon drop field upgrade in Plunder mode. The Sykov is currently not officially in Warzone. It’s not a gun you can unlock for use in a loadout, and under normal circumstances is not part of the current loot table.

The Sykov, however, is currently available for use in Modern Warfare via Survival mode (the mode that was, controversially, a timed PlayStation-exclusive upon the launch of Infinity Ward’s shooter).

Its availability in Survival mode but not Modern Warfare’s multiplayer has been known for some time now – and players have been leveling it up in anticipation of its wider release. But this is the first time we’ve seen it pop up in Warzone.

This blueprint RestlessGoats found is fully automatic, which suggests an automatic fire mode will be available for the gun when it launches proper.

In Survival mode, the Sykov can be modified to have 80 rounds, become fully automatic, and be dual-wielded via the Akimbo perk, which is certainly a scary thought for Warzone – if these attachments transfer over in the same way (let’s not forget the horror of the dual Diamattis back in December).

The Sykov isn’t the only new gun players expect to hit Warzone at some point in the near future. The CX-9 submachine gun is another weapon available in Modern Warfare’s Survival mode but so far unreleased in multiplayer.

Players had thought the appearance of the Sykov and the CX-9 in Modern Warfare’s Survival mode signalled new guns were coming to Modern Warfare multiplayer in the near future – despite the game being left behind by Activision in favour of Black Ops Cold War. Fingers crossed!

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