Xbox Series X/S 1TB expandable storage costs $220

Microsoft is the first to name its next-gen console storage pricing, and it doesn’t come cheap.

Xbox Series X/S’s 1TB expandable storage card costs $220 (that’s about £170), as listed by US retailer BestBuy.

As a reminder, Xbox Series X has a built-in 1TB of SSD storage. Xbox Series S has 512GB of built-in SSD storage. Microsoft is yet to say how much of that built-in storage will actually be free to use.

Xbox Series S/X games need to be run from an SSD – either the console’s internal drive or an expandable storage card – to take advantage of their faster loading capabilities. You can, however, shift them onto a USB hard drive when you don’t need to play them.

And you can still play Xbox One, Xbox 360 and original Xbox games via a USB hard drive, though moving them onto SSD will boost their loading times.

Watch Rich Leadbetter plugging an expandable SSD card into his Xbox Series X below:


For balance, it’s worth remembering PlayStation 5 will upgrade its own 825GB internal SSD storage in the same way. Sony is yet to announce details of its own official option, and has said it will support SSD drives made by other manufacturers.

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